Farrah Abraham Tight Red One Piece in Las Vegas with Frenchy Morgan

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aldo-vallon - August 24, 2017

 It is really hard for me to believe in the glass ceiling for women when I see Farrah Abraham wearing a swimsuit that has "Boss Lady" printed across the front. It is not like she could lie about something like that, I am nearly certain that would be illegal. It is for those reasons I have had to decline wearing shirts that said, "Female Body Inspector." What would I do if some unsuspecting woman were to approach me thinking I was a licensed female body inspector? As much as I would have loved to have inspected their bodies I could not possibly do it with a clear conscience. That would be fraud. It is for that reason that I can be sure Farrah truly is a both a boss as well as a lady.

Just look at the way she handles that booty of her friend. She is not scared to take charge of the situation. She is not intimidated by a tush that is capable of making grown men revert back to their insecure teenage selves. I'll say, whatever this woman is the boss of I would gladly get behind.    


Photo Credit: Backgrid