Farrah Abraham Showcases Her Intense Curvy Butt Workout Routine

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aldo-vallon - October 31, 2018

The genius part about working out on a boat is that the natural unsteadiness of the vessel activates your stabilizing muscles, leading to a more intense workout. Now, unlike all of those other schmucks that wasted their money on trampolines and inflated balls, Farrah Abraham is getting the workout of a lifetime for the low low price of a yacht. I guess there is a reason why people in landlocked trailer parks do not have bodies that are anywhere near as similar to hers.

If I had access to a boat like hers I might follow her lead and start exercising, but without the boat what’s the point? That would be like wearing a Porsche jacket when you drive a Toyota. In this simile my body is the jacket and the boat is the car. I’m not sure if that was clear.

I think it is high time that out of shape people start a fitness routine, record themselves doing it, and then market it. Every fitness routine on the market has fit people performing it. I don’t need to see that. What I need to see is other people getting into shape with me. I am much more accurate at judging other people than I am myself.


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Photo Credit: MEGA