Damn, ‘Far Cry Primal,’ Those Are Some Angry Looking Saber-Toothed Tigers You Have There

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chris-littlechild - December 5, 2015

Some games have an innate ability to make you feel like a badass. It's different for every gamer, really. For me, it's a good ol' fashioned bullet hell shooter. Nothing quite beats that screw-you-all-I'm–as-powerful-fearless-and-awesome-as-Arnold-Schwarzenegger-in-the-last-half-hour-of-Commando sensation like weaving through an entire screen full of death at the speed of light while wrecking shop.

For others, it's more of a Gears of War-y power trip. Studly marines fistbumping other studly marines, testosterone streaming from every pore, you know the sort of thing.

Then there's Far Cry. This FPS series from Ubisoft has always been about dropping a lone one-man army into a huge sandbox environment, then seeing what kind of carnage results. That's kinda the whole Far Cry deal, right there. Any wildlife you happen to pass in the expansive environment is fair game. If you can see it, you can shoot it.

For the latest instalment, Far Cry Primal, things are a little different. We're back in the Stone Age, where there are no superpowered guns to be had. You don't want to eff with the wildlife ‘round these parts, buddy boy. they'll crush your scrote into spam.

Take an ogle at this fresh new trailer to see what you'll have to contend with when the game hits next February.

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