Fans at College World Series Go For a Jog During 7th Inning Stretch (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 28, 2012

There have not been too many field runners in the news of late, but perhaps that was because there is actually a secret underground club for nut jobs that think doing so is a good idea (call it a hunch, but I bet their based in Baltimore next to Camden Yards). For the last few weeks they've been in hiding as they secretly plot their next big move.

I should say plotted, because they gave it a go Monday night in Omaha during Game Two of the College World Series between the Arizona Wildcats (the eventual winner) and the South Carolina Gamecocks (two-time defending champions).

It's a little difficult to count in the video, but six runners stormed the field late in the game. They must have thought that if more of them go then someone is bound to not get caught (wrong). You have to love the girl who starts late and the guy who breaks away and tries to jump the outfield wall.

Funny stuff people; funny stuff.

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