Fan Made Notre Dame BCS Title Game Tee-Shirt Ups the Ante Before the Showdown

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michael-garcia - December 28, 2012

The BCS title game is just under two weeks away, with Alabama and Notre Dame facing off on January 7th in Miami. Probably bored with the long wait, some Notre Dame fans, or maybe just some tee-shirt guys who were looking to make a few bucks, have come up with the shirt you see above. Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers. Hilarious?

It's an unofficial shirt, so no blame should be laid towards Notre Dame's way. But when your team hasn't been a contender for two decades, maybe as a fan it's better to think of something a little more creative. All this does is push the snotty stereotype of rich kids making fun of those darn Southerners. It's not really a big deal in the long run probably, but it's going to look even sillier if Notre Dame gets their golden domes handed to them by those guys who live in mobile homes.

h/t The Big Lead

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