Fake Instagram Android App Infects Your Smartphone with Malware

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bill-swift - April 24, 2012

Someone out there must really hate Instagram. Either that, or he (or she) must have been really smart to take advantage of the camera app's immense popularity by releasing a fake Android version of the Instagram app that served up malware instead of some vintage lomo filters.

Once installed, the fake Android Instragram app sets a Trojan loose that earns money from unsuspecting users.

The malware was discovered by Sophos, who dubbed it as "Andr/Boxer-F." Once downloaded, it's clear that the app is fake simply based on looks alone. But while the user is trying to figure out what to do, the app begins to send expensive international text messages in the background to earn its makers some revenue.

Instagram boasts of having over 30 million users on iOS and 5 million (and rising) on the Android. If you want to get the app, go the safe route and just download it directly from the official Instagram link here.

Article by Hazel Chua
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