Extra Thick Fiona Falkiner Looks Cleavetastic In Sports Bra And Tights

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elliot-wolf - August 30, 2018

Fiona Falkiner fits nicely in some workout attire. She has me wishing that I accidentally stumble across whatever location that she’s about to get sweaty at. Either just to watch or to hand her a towel. Maybe both if I’m lucky. Long walks on the beach are too conventional, and eventually get boring. An intense cardio experience on the sand is a way better way to connect with someone that you’re interested in. And if she’s into that, I’m into that. Plus the ocean is the best place to cool off afterwards. Maybe deep conversation in the outdoor shower as we get all the sand and salt water washed off from our outfits.

I hope Fiona enjoys my company as much as she likes working out. I plan on becoming her new obsession, because she sure is mine. I’m dedicated to getting her attention the same way she looks dedicated to reaching her health goals. I can’t wait to exercise on the beach instead of a stuffy gym. I always thought staring at the sunset, and Fiona by my side, was a better view than staring at the sweat-soaked back of the person on the treadmill in front of me.

Photo Credit: MEGA