Extra-Curvy Kate Upton Pours Her Gorgeous Body Into Lingerie For New Yamamay Campaign

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aldo-vallon - August 6, 2018

I like seeing a model smile in a photo shoot. Too many of them have that look on their face like they are smelling a constant string of farts from the photographer. Being that I have never been on a shoot, that might very well be the case. And if it is, then those dudes need to be introduced to Beano. I have never used the stuff myself, but they wouldn’t still be selling it if it didn’t work, right? I am pretty sure that is illegal.

But seeing Kate smile makes me think she either had a less flatulent photographer, or she genuinely likes modeling. Almost as if being paid exorbitant amounts of money for being attractive is not the burden that I have been led to believe it is. It is weird how that works. I get when I see an ugly person looking mopey. They are ugly and are reminded of it every time they see their reflection. That has got to be a boner killer. But the attractive people, they get to be consoled by that at all times. It wouldn’t matter what kind of bad news I received, I would just remind myself that my face had good bone structure, and move on with my day.


Photo Credit: MEGA / Splash News