Explore the Terrifying World of Derry, Maine in New ‘IT’ Promo (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - August 31, 2017


The fictional town of Derry, Maine has been host to some pretty terrifying stuff in Stephen King's literary works. The dead kid in "The Body," the farting aliens in "Dreamcatcher," whatever James Franco is up to in "11/22/63," etc. Perhaps the scariest tale of all set in the sleepy town, though, is another alien story with a scary clown, "It."

After failing to ignite the Stephen King shared cinematic universe thing with this month's The Dark Tower, it looks like things will really kick off with the release of the latest adaptation of It next Friday. This flick covers the first half of the book when all of the protagonists are kids, and a planned sequel with the same creative team will be doing the second half where they're all adults next year. 

This featurette shows off all of the main characters and their relationship to one another and the sinister things that are afoot in the world of Derry, ME. If you're a fan of King, you'll love seeing all of the care and attention that was put into this thing as we'll see next weekend. It opens a week from tomorrow and don't be surprised if it's a monster hit.