Exhibitionist Nerd Maitland Ward Shows Her Curves In Slave Leia Costume

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rusty-mattis - April 6, 2018

From what all my nerd friends tell me there ain't nothing sexier than a woman dressed up as Princess Leia as a slave from Return of the Jedi. I like Star Wars and all that, but it's never been something that's made my mind explode. If you ask me, nothing better than a woman in daisy dukes and belly shirt, but after seeing Maitland Ward as Slave Leia I can kind of see the appeal.

Oh hell, who am I kidding, it's appealing as hell. I see what all my nerd friends have been saying for years. I guess it just took Maitland Ward to open my eyes to the sexiness of this costume. Though if Maitland Ward wanted to go with my idea, I bet she'd look pretty damn hot. That's neither here nor there, but maybe if I throw it out into the universe good things will happen. Guess you could say it's all about the skin, or all about what the costume is barely covering.  I ain't much for chains, but bikini tops barely covering boobs, I'm in? Maitland Ward wearing a dress that ain't a dress, I'm all for it. Maitland Ward just might be turning me into a nerd... don't tell anyone!

We all like what we like and I ain't going to shy away from like Maitland Ward as Slave Leia. Guess me and all my nerd friends will have something new to talk about. Then again, I might just keep Maitland Ward in this costume all to myself.

Photo Credit: Splash News