Everything Wrong with ‘Looper’ in Three Minutes or Less (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 17, 2013

CinemaSins is quickly becoming my new favorite series on the web. For one thing, they manage to rip well-received movies completely apart, which means that I don't have to do it and seem like a real prick. And they also watch these things with hawk-like eyes because they find some microscopic errors that boggle even my mind. They've already done a really good job showing you how The Hunger Games, The Dark Knight Rises and all the other big tentpole movies of 2012 have more holes in them than Willem Dafoe by the end of Platoon.

And now they turn their ever-keen eye onto Looper, last year's sci-fi hit from Rian Johnson. So just incase you thought there were no mistakes, paradoxes or glaring errors in the story, characters or Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hairline, be prepared to be corrected. Enjoy!

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