Everyone’s Freaking Out Over Christie Brinkley’s Sexy And Wet New Bikini Pic

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earl-jonas - May 24, 2019


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Early Morning Swim ..Fish we’re jumping Pelicans swooping by and warm Rays of Sunshine ...just soaking it all in ! #luckyhousepc

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Christie Brinkley may have relinquished her soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth, but thankfully for the sake of this post, you don't need a soul to look damn good in a bikini. The sixty-five-year-old supermodel posted a series of snaps taken on a picturesque little stretch of sand. Brinkley can be seen cooling off in the ocean with an arched back and a huge smile on her face. Because, honestly, what's not to smile about here? Besides the lack of a soul, obviously. Brinkley states that she's resting after an early morning swim surrounded by beautiful, frolicking wildlife. Just for a little contrasting and comparing, I just had a slice of old office birthday cake and am wearing two sweatshirts because our air conditioner won't turn off. Celebs, they really are just like us.


American model and actor Christie Brinkley smiles and wears a bikini swimsuit in a still from 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' directed by Harold Ramis, 1983. (Photo by Warner Bros./Fotos International/Getty Images)