Every Dude Needs One: Burger King Hands-free Whopper Holder (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 15, 2013

Getting the munchies while you're doing something important, like playing video games, for example, sucks. I mean, you can hit 'pause' while you order a pizza or a burger, but then you'd have to stop playing completely once the food arrives because there's no way you can make your roommate feed you while you play.

The solution is to go hands-free--at least, when it comes to eating your burgers anyway.

It's a gizmo thought up by Burger King, probably in response to McDonald's French Fries cup holder, and it's called the Hands-Free Whopper Holder. Staying true to its name, it basically holds your Whopper in place in front of your mouth, so you can take a bite and continue doing whatever it is you're doing.

It looks like a novelty item but it's currently available in Puerto Rico as part of BK's celebration of its 50th anniversary. Now how about bringing it to the rest of the United States?

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