Everlasting Bubble Wrap iPhone Case: It’s the Case That Keeps On Popping

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bill-swift - April 4, 2013

Once you pop, you can't stop. That might hold true when you're pigging out on Pringles sometimes, but it will hold true for the Everlasting Bubble Wrap iPhone case at all times for various reasons. First of all, who can resist popping bubble wrap, much less bubble wrap of the everlasting kind? Secondly, no one would buy this case if they didn't enjoy popping bubble wrap in the first place.

The case isn't called 'everlasting' for nothing. It's not made of actual bubble wrap, but is surrounded instead by a special material that provides you with the same popping sensation that you get from bubble wrap. The best part is that it bounces back into place after a while so you can pop it all over again.

Get It: $22

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