Even Finn From ‘The Force Awakens’ Demands A Proper ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Campaign

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chris-littlechild - March 4, 2016

It’s a hell of a tough gig, being a Stormtrooper. For starters, you’re the living embodiment of Imperial control and general bastardry across the galaxy. It can’t be fun to know that, wherever you go, everyone hates your shiny white ass. Then there’s the fact that your own superiors, from Darth all the way through to Kylo Ren, are just one psychotic episode away from killing you themselves.

Plus, you know these are totally the guys who get all the terrible jobs. Would you want to mop the Death Star toilets? No, no you wouldn’t. All in all, I don’t blame Finn in the slightest for defecting. I’d have done it long before the whole dying-buddy’s-bloody-hand-on-the-helmet thing. As if life wasn’t already difficult enough for John Boyega, The Force Awakens’ rogue trooper. Now his video games don’t have adequate single player modes in them. Oh, the humanity!

Earlier this week, Boyega –a fan of the Battlefront games—tweeted at EA with a gripe about their latest effort. The current gen reboot of Star Wars Battlefront has no campaign, and he wanted to know if there were plans to add one. Then, this happened:


EA were totally on board with the idea. Does this mean Boyega and a couple of his buddies in the Sith will storm into EA UK’s office and demand a full, balls-out story mode be added to the game, lest they get a damn good force-choking? Well, no, but that’d be a hell of a thing, huh?

Via Game Spot.

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