Evander Holyfield Goes From Champ to Chump

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bill-swift - June 5, 2012

Most of us learned a long time ago that if you are going to do 'it' and don't want any happy, little unplanned Mini-Mes produced, you need to put protection on. Apparently, Evander Holyfield never learned that lesson.

The former champ is looking more like a chump these days. It appears that he has fallen into the same pattern that too many professional athletes seem to. He started having kids and just couldn't seem to stop. Now that he is not the world class boxer that he once was, he is having trouble keeping up with all the child support payments.

'The Real Deal' as Holyfield was once called has been anything but real to his offspring. Since April 2010 he has fallen $372,000 behind in his child support payments.

Before you find that number a little appalling (as you should) wait till you hear the background info. Holyfield made around a quarter of a billion dollars--that $250,000,000 or in lay man's terms an insane, boat load of money (Titanic sized). He also tried to fill the Titanic up by fathering at least 11 kids. His child support payments are somewhere in the range of half a million a year.

That's the great part--'at least' 11 kids. No where easily accessible on the internet is there an accurate count of how many children Holyfield has; it's always 'at least.' Hasn't anyone asked the man how many kids he has? Doesn't he know? Or does he?

Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie may not know the names of all his kids, but at least he knows how many he has. Even Terrell Owens knows how many he has.

The Champ may have made $250 million back in the day, but it seems that he blew all or most of it. Twice his house (which is a 54,000 square foot monstrosity) has been in foreclosure. He says he's still fighting (last fight was May 7, 2011) because he thinks he's still champion material, but the truth is he has blown a fortune and only has one way to make a living.

If he doesn't get something figured out he may find himself spending a little time behind bars. Maybe he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. can hang out on the cell block.

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