Eva Longoria Smoking Hot Bikini Body In Miami

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bill-swift - July 3, 2015

Eva Longoria remains one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Hollywood. I think I've been saying that for several years now since her busted marriage, and now at Forties and Faptastic, and looking crazy hot in a bikini, it's true now more than ever. Naturally, she's working her way through a number of swarthy male friends and young acquaintances whilst reveling in the freedom of being wealthy and good looking with a killer veteran hot asstastic. Can't blame her for sewing her oats. But at the end of the day, I'd like to think she'll call me when she's ready for a more profound relationship. Meaning one involving whips and honey. Just as an example.

Some women are simply blessed with the sextastic gene. Sure, yoga and Pilates helps as well. But that natures gift right from the start produces the bulk of our slightly older alluring celebrities, especially those showing the younger girls in Miami how to get noticed in a bikini. You add in the Ray Bans and you have the complete package. Don't go changing, Eva. But if you do, please take photos. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI