Eva Longoria Shows Off Booty In Mesh Dress

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bill-swift - March 15, 2016

A more than proud member of our Forties and Faptastic club, Eva Longoria keeps herself in shape. Not just any shape, alluring sextastic veteran hottie shape. The kind of shape that fits ever so perfectly into a booty baring mesh drive certain to remind everybody of their ten year running lust crush on this Latina en fuego. 

Featured in VVV magazine, increasingly bringing super sextastic women to bare in revealing grown up outfits, Eva leads with her thumper which is as magical as ever. One could imagine how long it would take to rend that mesh material covering her hiney. Not long would be the scientific answer. I'm obviously assuming teeth will be used. The booty must be served. And gently nibbled. I have more, but I'm saving it for my crayoned letter to Eva. In Spanglish. I think she'll appreciate my effort and anatomical correctness. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: VVV Magazine