Eva Longoria Orange One Piece In Marbella

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aldo-vallon - July 17, 2017

What is the going rate of a cabana boy to the famous? Does it come off a bit too desperate if I pay them for the opportunity? Because I vaguely remember there being a liberal amount of desperation in Eva Longoria’s past, and that is a trait I would like to take full advantage of. Does desperation have an expiration date?  

This aging Latina still has the skills to make my temperature rise like I am eating a pepper that is also out of my league. I get the same sweats followed by the same regrets once it is over. I pray that never changes.  

Fortunately for the world, unlike other female body parts that stop growing once they have reached maturity, the ass will never stop as long as it is given plenty of water and sunshine. It would seem Eva has a green thumb when it comes to ass growing. Perhaps she could look into becoming a botanASSt once she has given up on this foolish dream of becoming an actress. Actresses are a dime a dozen, but an ass that I can rate a dime is few and far between.

Photo Credit: Splash News