Eva Longoria Grabs Her Bikini Boobs Because Why Not Touch Yourself If You’re Eva Longoria

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bill-swift - August 7, 2013

We used to really think Eva Longoria was the world's most eligible bachelorette, after her divorce from Tony Parker. 30's, wealthy, hot, great little body. Then we started following her on social media where she likes to talk, and talk, and talk some more when all her talking is done. And, well... we'd still kill any one of you for the chance to betroth ourselves to this sweet Latina baby, though we might request separate bedrooms like King Henry had with his wives. A visit for the conjugal, then leave her to her privacy with her gal pals in betwixt the evening visits.

Seeing Eva Longoria in a bikini grabbing her own hotself in Marbella does remind us of our original lust for this Desperate Housewife. Just something alluring about a raven haired beauty bronzing in the Spanish sun. So, in summary, yes, we will still make ourselves one with her, but, we might need a bigger white noise machine. Enjoy.