Eva Longoria Frenetic Boat Bikini Hotness

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earl-jonas - September 11, 2017


Eva Longoria keeps with celeb summer tradition by sporting a tiny bikini on a fancy boat while cruising around an exotic destination in a new Instagram picture. If you don't do that, are you even famous? Never one to settle for the usual, Longoria's bikini boat photo op comes with a surprising twist as the forty-two-year-old MILF for days hops around on deck like a crack head. The risky move obviously pays off, as the small screen siren provides ample glorious looks at her ageless bod from every side imaginable. 

I've always been amazed at how Longoria has maintained her A-list status despite the cancellation of Desperate Housewives twenty-eight years ago and few memorable acting roles since. But then I see that body, and that face, and I remember that as long as Longoria owns a bikini and apparently can do whatever the hell she's doing in this video, she'll be just fine.  

Photo Credit: Instagram

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