Eva Longoria Caught Without Makeup; Still Ridiculously Hot!

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bill-swift - November 26, 2011

We've all been there, I mean, if we're lucky, the next morning view without makeup. It can be a frightening experience, like the chocolate river boat ride in Willy Wonka, but just plain more dreadful and less delicious. One woman who need not worry about her next-morning look -- Eva Longoria. Caught without makeup on the streets of Beverly Hills, the newly sort of single Eva still looks like the girl I'd let marry me for reality show millions. So naturally hot.

Despite the presence of a pack of smokes tucked into her pants, there's something to be said for the freshly washed, sweats and UGG boots on such a simply sextastic woman. Somewhere in her recent past is one very lucky bath towel. Enjoy.