Eva Longoria Booty Workout

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michael-garcia - August 30, 2016

Everyone's favorite Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria, was looking mighty fine in some revealing workout clothes. She was outside keeping it tight in a tight white t-shirt with a leotard or swimsuit underneath. The result is that all of her long luscious legs were showing as well as framing and accentuating her booty. Eva has one of the all time best booties in the business. She's a Latina from Texas like I am and that means she grew up eating lots of tacos and rice. That stuff will put some nice meat on your bones. In moderation, of course. Eva is the kind of girl that my mom wants me to marry. I wouldn't mind obliging her in that. I think Eva is married already. So, it would just have to be a clandestine affair. I'm OK with that too. 

She's still looking really good all of these years later. How many women, in or out of Hollywood, can say that they look that good? Not many. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews