Eva Longoria Bikini Pictures in Pink and Shades of Hottie in Miami

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bill-swift - November 25, 2015

You know the Miami Beach competition is rough and getting rougher when Forties and Faptastic thespianic hotties like Eva Longoria start showing up in bikinis looking all kinds of pink and  tan and alluring all over. This was quite the unexpected A-list addition to the bikini scene in South Florida and a reminder that the adults are coming out to play as well. Take that young models from all corners of the globe, the TV stars and veteran hotties are joining the funbag fray.

It's been a little while since we've seen Eva full blown candid and prancing about in a little two piece. Looking good, mi amor. Eva remains quite the eligible single lady despite her turn with many male models and occasional actors and other men who have no idea how to loofah Eva into a state or pure bliss like I do. Eva, come on by my cabana. Bring the pink bikini and I show you were ruffles come from. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet