Eva Longoria, Are You Single Or Not? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 3, 2010

My be-lusted Eva Longoria still seems to be getting divorced from Tony Parker; given the complex series of counterintelligence moves by their P.R. yentas, it's hard to tell the truth. The most recent act in this marital infidelity saga has the formerly blissful couple filling out all the legal paperwork to divide the massive assets, then again, Eva Longoria and her soon to be ex were seen just last night holding hands and having a cordial evening out in Santa Monica. Why are you toying with my heart (and other parts), Eva Longoria?

While I await final word of my clear path to awesome hotness, here's a collage of Eva Longoria in lingerie from Desperate Housewives, to serve as additional fuel to my lust-filled fire. Enjoy.