Eva LaRue’s 50-Year-Old Insta Bikini Bod Is Insane

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earl-jonas - June 26, 2017

Well I n-Eva. Eva LaRue is best known for her many years on CSI: Miami and All My Children, and at fifty-years-old she is still looking all sorts of bodylicious. The brunette stunner posts bikini pics on Instagram a couple times of year to remind us what she's working with, but her recent vacation in Croatia is bringing some of her most epic snaps ever. 

In one picture, LaRue's marvelous melons can be seen as she pulls herself out of the crystal clear blue water using a ladder. Are you seeing that flat stomach? Remember, guys, fifty-freaking-years-old! LaRue doesn't stop there, and in a pool pic you can see her soaked fun bags looking, well, pretty fun. Being reminded of LaRue's banging bod had us diving face first into her Instagram, and you can see our hottest findings from years past in the gallery. I see something else I'd like to dive face first into...


Photo Credit: Instagram 

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