Eva Herzigova Sizzles In Sexy Lingerie For Yamamay Christmas Season

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aldo-vallon - November 28, 2018

It takes a real pro to be able to keep a smile on her face while she is being blasted with a fan. It probably gets to a point where it just feels like a sadist is continuously farting on you.

I get why they need to do it; it just looks so much better than the regular lifeless look of unblown hair. If a modelling shoot is not going to have windblown hair then they might as well be working at a morgue. The models would be much easier to work with and I doubt there would be any annoying agents to deal with either. I mean, there will be one or two disgruntled family members, but they would probably quiet down if you slipped them a tenner.

Eva Herzigova’s hair is at the perfect length to be blown about, as well. If hair is too long then the fan operator has to be careful with the angle they are coming in with, otherwise they will end blowing the hair across the model’s face. If that happens they might as well have used an ugly person. But at Eva’s length those curls will barely even hit her nose.



Photo Credit: MEGA