Eva Amurri Twitpics Bikini Racktastic Photos from Her Vegas Bachelorette Party

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bill-swift - September 30, 2011

Oh, the cell phone cameras giveth, and the cell phone cameras, well, giveth. They don't really take away at all (save for the 23.5 hours a day my girlfriend spends on hers talking to other girls in the great female cell phone circle of life). In this case, unleaked, and quite published Twipic style memories of the sexy and full-volume fun bagged Eva Amurri from this past weekend's Vegas bachelorette party where Eva flashed a rack far too impressive to be contracted out to just one man (imho). Just look at that bikini body and imagine the lucky bastard who gets to take it out for a highlight drive on the wedding night. Now, ease up on the jealousy, ramp up the ogling powers, and stare yourself into a very pleasant boob-induced coma. Enjoy.

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