Eugene Mirman Live Free Or Die

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esteban-esposito - July 17, 2015

Oddball comedian Eugene Mirman went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and was given a parking ticket, apparently because under some pinko rule they have there it's illegal to back your car into your spot. 

Mirman was given a $15 ticket, and responded by taking out a full page ad in the local newspaper bashing the city for their bizarre tactics of apparently spying on people's methods of parking and ticketing them accordingly. 

"If you had gone to my website before I came to your city and clicked on Eugene's ordinances, you'd know that in Chapter One under "F%#K You Don't Steal My Money," in section 8.215 is says, "F%#K You Don't Steal My Money.""

Clearly a full page newspaper ad costs more than a cute $15 ticket, but Mirman is a man of principle. It seems he's prepared to fight to the death, staying up long sleepless nights and draining his personal finances until this injustice has been thoroughly righted. If you've dealt with a bureaucracy before don't hold your breath. 

Comedians are a masochistic bunch and Mirman may end up doing just that until he's blue in the face. Fight the power. Dumbass.

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