Etch-a-Nintendo Art Brings Childhood Video Game Characters to Life

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bill-swift - October 24, 2012

Remember the good ol' days when there was no need to get up every morning at 7 sharp so you won't be late for work? When Saturday mornings were spent kicking it back in bed and watching your favorite cartoons on the telly? Yeah, those were good times.

I'm pretty sure you spent a fair amount of time trying to 'catch them all' on your Game Boy or some other gaming console. Or perhaps you sped around knocking turtles down and hitting blocks with question marks to get coins and maybe a mushroom power-up or two as you went along?

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Your favorite games of yesterday have been immortalized and they've been done so in the coolest way possible: using an Etch-an-Sketch. Or more accurately, several of these manual, knobby drawing machines, but the results are beyond impressive.

From Pokemon to Super Mario, Jane Labowitch twisted the knobs this way and that to come up with this awesome gallery of Etch-a-Sketch art.

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