Erin Budina Shows Off Her Supple Ass In Curvy Neon Tightsuit

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aldo-vallon - October 8, 2018

Every year millions of asses go unnoticed in the street and we can all agree that is a tragedy. But there is no longer a need to worry about missing out on even a single pair of buns so long as all women wear Erin Budina’s patented high visibility body suit. Some may claim it is not appropriate for all occasions, but I disagree.

I think we could all go for a little more flare in our lives. Think about how much more entertaining presentations at work would be if the presenter was wearing something like Erin’s. I might actually pay attention to what they are saying and know what is going on at my company.

The making of butts more visible is not just a benefit to the male eye, it is also a safety feature. If drivers are more aware of pedestrians then traffic accidents are going to be much less common. Erin is saving lives out there, but does she ask for any recognition? No.

Well, she does actually want recognition for her ass, but I still think that counts as being pretty selfless.



Photo Credit: MEGA