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Lina Posada Smoking Hot Bikini Shoot for Babalu Swimwear

Colombian model and professional sexy person Lina Posada is on (figurative) fire in this bikini shoot. She feels at home in these teeny weeny bikinis made by Colombian brand Babalu swimwear. I'd like to call your particular attention to the pic of her on all fours on the shore. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is worth about a bajilion. Her skin in the perfect combination of tan and creamy. It's like these dulce de leche and vanilla swirl treats I used to get at the Mexican supermarket back in Texas when I was a kid. Her chest is, for lack of a better word, spectacular. They should be bronzed and put in a museum.

I'm not sure what it is they put in the water down there in Colombia that makes women like Lina and Sofia Vergara possible. Maybe it's just a good genetic pool or perhaps it's the diet. Either way, I think I'm planning a fact finding mission down to Bogota to investigate.

Lily Aldridge Hot Photoshoot on Miami Beach

Lily Aldridge is all smiles and cleavage in her latest photo shoot in Miami Beach. The Victoria's Secret alum looks incredible in the shorts and bikini top combination. Lily's shapely thighs are amazingly toned and tanned in these pics. It's definitely one of her best features. Lily's bosoms are perfectly pert and perky in these suits. People talk about having "bikini bodies". Lily has a bikini body if I've ever seen one. This is probably why she has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She's one of the hardest working models out there because she is one of the most versatile. I've seen Lilly look like an angel, a sexpot, and a girl next door in the same photo shoot. She's a talented girl, that Lily.

If only there were some way to bottle whatever it is that makes Lily so sexy, I'd be friggin' rich. I'd call it Eau de Aldridge and I'd sell it at your local drugstore for $29.99.


Lexie Marlow Barely There Bikini Shoot In California

Lexi Marlow showed off her natural assets at a bikini photo shoot in California. The blond bombshell wore a pretty small and form fitting black bikini. Of course, half the time she only had the bottoms on. For several of the pics she is just barely covering her enormous funbags with her arms. There is side boob, top boob, and bottom boob in these pics. The only thing missing is the nips, which is OK. You want a little mystery. But it isn't only Lexi's ample chest and firm butt that make her so hot. She has mastered that sexiest of female facial expressions: the pout. It comes off particularly sexy with her firm full lips. I like ladies with plump mouths. My grandfather always told me to never trust a woman with thin lips.

All of this wonderment took place in on the beaches of sunny California. I've recently realized the worst part about living in New York is that you don't see many girls in bikinis. You see crazy guys dressed like Spiderman and Zorro plenty, but no bikinis. Maybe I should move west?

Candice Accola Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Maui

CW star Candice Accola relaxed in a skin-tight bikini on the beaches of Maui. Candice's breastological region was on display as was her perfectly formed booty. I have always heard that the views on Maui are breathtaking. Candice just wrapped shooting her sexy Vampire Diaries show and blew off a little steam playing some Nerf football. I used to throw around the old spongy Nerf ball at the beach but it was usually with my obese cousin Tony and not a hottie like Candice. One can imagine her diving for the ball in her bikini, bouncing all the way. It's something we just don't see enough of these days, girls playing sports on the beach. They should hand out balls to all the lovelies when they arrive at the beach to encourage game playing, jumping, running, and bouncing. I for one am all for it. You know, for their health.

Maybe it's because I grew up watching Pam Anderson run in slow motion on a beach in Baywatch. Those were the days.

Cameron Russell Bikini Photoshoot for Calzedonia

Cameron Russell brought her talents to bear in this super sexy photo shoot for Italian bikini designer Calzedonia. Cameron fills out the bikinis in ways most women can only dream of doing. Her boobs look like they were the reason that the good Lord invented the bikini in the first place. I think it's in the Bible somewhere. There are also several pics in which she has "I'm at the beach and my hair is wet and full of sand" look that gives me an extra special feeling in my bathing suit area. The thing I like most about Cameron, besides that her ample sweater hams and tight rear, is that she's really smart. She gave a Ted talk about the modelling industry and how people are judged by their looks.

Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think a smart woman is friggin' sexy as hell. It doesn't hurt that she's also incredibly hot in the traditional sense as well.


Ana Braga Wears Barely There Bikini In Miami Beach

Brazilian model Ana Braga took to Miami's beaches in what can only be described as a glorified pink slingshot. Ana is never one to shy away from dressing with as little clothing as is legally possible in a public space. I respect her chutzpah. Because this particular bikini is mostly the idea of a bathing suit rather than an actual garment, it leaves little to the imagination. That's fine with me. My imagination isn't all that great to begin with. I never understood the idea that it is always better to conceal than to reveal. I guess it depends on what is being revealed. I'm not saying Ana should never wear clothes, that would be going too far. What I am saying is that I support her decision to go partly to mostly nude.

We here at Egotastic! are die hard feminists and the last thing we would ever want is to subjugate women. If Ana wants to wear a piece of pink dental floss to the beach it is her right to do so.

Elizabeth Loaiza Models Lingerie And Bikinis For Lenceria Le Bon

Colombian model Elizabeth Loaiza showed off her considerable assets in a photo shoot for Lenceria Le Bon lingerie and bikinis. Some models do bathing suits well while others know how to rock underwear. Elizabeth is that rare type that does both with equal sexiness. Throw on a pair of high heels and you've got something really special. Elizabeth's funbags are clearly a work of art. They make me want to buy her dad, mom, and all living ancestors a beer for making her. But her shapely hips and butt are what make these pictures such a joy to look at. That, my friends, is what comes from generations of people eating arroz and frijoles for three meals a day. Well, that and being a really hot chick. My ancestors also ate that stuff and no one asks me to model lingerie.

I believe that Elizabeth in lingerie and high heels is just the thing that Colombia needs to get out of its recent woes. Who wants to traffic drugs or kill anyone when you can just look at her? I say they should put her on their flag.