English Model Iskra Lawrence’s Juicy Booty

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aldo-vallon - December 12, 2017

 What is the use for yellow tinted glasses? I rarely ever wish for the sunglasses I am wearing to be lighter in tint, and I sure as hell never wish that they be more similar to the color of the Sun. To my uneducated mind I would think that they sun rays would sneak right through the lens, like an enemy soldier disguised in another uniform, and fry your eyes until they are a couple of over easy eggs. There must be some sort of practical purpose to them, apart from looking like Walter from The Big Lebowski

Regardless, I do not have the confidence to pull off the yellow glasses look. All the insults that I have hurled at Bono over the years makes it too easy to have them slung back at me. I am no stranger to being called a hypocrite, and normally I wear that badge proudly, but not when it comes to Bono. Every man needs to draw his line in the sand, and mine is right before I reach Bono. A man can only stoop so low while still retaining his mother's love.     

Photo Credit: Splash News

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