EmRata Really Might Have The Best Model Stomach

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aldo-vallon - September 28, 2018

If Emily Ratajkowski ever gives in to the high waisted jean fad I might have to smash my computer, give up society as a whole, and recede into the wilderness to live out the rest of my days as a mountain man. It should not be that hard of a transition, I pretty much have the lifestyle of a mountain man already. Aside from my complete reliance on technology I am almost completely withdrawn from human contact. The latter is about half the battle.

I would not be surprised if Emily’s agent wrote into her contract that she needs to always have her midsection on display. That would mean altered tops and low riding pants, but that almost seems reasonable. I doubt Emily would even fight the clause. She would probably wonder why they ever thought she’d want to cover it up to begin with.

When your abs are so well defined that they could have their own page in a dictionary there is no need to ever have them concealed. Even her t-shirts need to be rolled up and tied back in order to make full use of the space while she has it.


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Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram