Emmy Rossum Hit

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Lex Jurgen - March 29, 2017

Emmy Rossum is the latest celebrity to be hit by a prodigious gang of professional thieves. Rossum was holding $150,000 in vintage jewelry in her safe. In case the cash economy collapses. The burglars broke in despite the ADT warning sign planted out front. A certain blow to the security company that sells those signs for $49.95 a month then does nothing thereafter.

The larcenists broke in through a glass window and proceeded to open Rossum's duals safes using the combination they found written down on a piece of paper. According to sources, the paper with the combo was well hidden somewhere in the home. Meaning the thieves randomly searched the large house for hours on end looking for a piece of paper they didn't even know existed. I call lingerie drawer. Or somebody told them it existed and where it was. Presume that wasn't Rossum and you've narrowed down your list of inside suspects.

It never hurts to blame the housekeeper. She's probably innocent, but tell it to Guadalajara. The real answer will prove to be some tax accountant or Arrowhead water guy who has invite access to all these homes. If you've seen more than two seasons of any CSI, you can solve this on your own. This ends at Robert Blake's home with four dead guys in masks.

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