Emmy Rossum And Her Booty Went For A Jog

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bill-swift - July 16, 2014

Actress and hot person Emmy Rossum went for a run on the set of Shameless in a pair of short shorts. They are the kind of shorts that were popular in the 70's when all anyone did was jog and bone. Emmy has a pretty spectacular booty. It's got just the right combination of curve and slim. Emmy also showed off her toned, flat bare midriff. Who needs that extra torso fabric when you are trying to exercise? Not Emmy. Her top is just a sports bra allowing us just a peek at her dynamite cleavage. I'm going to program my DVR to record this Shameless show so I can see more of Emmy in a sports bra.

I do so love jogging. Not doing it myself, of course, but watching women do it. Sometimes when I am walking in the park here in New York I just stand back and admire all of the bouncing boobies jogging their way around the track.