Emmy Rossum and a Short Skirt Is All I Need to Guide Me By

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bill-swift - August 28, 2013

It's been far too long since we've seen hide or hair or dare we say a bare Emmy Awesome. I'm having something of a withdrawl in betwixt seasons of Shameless and the wonderful skin filled moments therein. Emmy, we need to see you more often.

Such was my delight even for the simple visual treat of catching Emmy about town in a short skirt looking all summery naughty with her untamed hair, bespeaking of a woman with untamed passions to match my own not-legal in 27-states sweaty passionate plans for the two of us once we're finally together.

Emmy Awesome not only floats my boat, she fills my main cabin with sweet dreams of the two of us circumnavigating the globe with only our exposed and chaffed genitals to guide us by. I suppose that's a bit crude, but I'm learning to be honest. Oh, Emmy, please call me on reverse collect, I will accept the charges. Enjoy.