Emmanuelle Chriqui Bikini Pictures Drop Some Long Awaited Sexy on Miami Beach

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bill-swift - August 31, 2013

Hooray for Fridays, which always deliver at least one wicked hot surprise. In this case, Emmanuelle Chriqui bikini pictures, tanned and curvaceous and delicious straight off of Miami Beach. We haven't seen the ridiculously hot Entourage star in her two piece in quite some time. I think it's fair to say she hasn't lost a step, or an inch of her epic female form, frontside, bootyside, and everywhere in between.

Someday, Emmanuelle will give us one completely open and honest account of her bare body, for the sake of future generations, naturally. And on that day, I will be carrying my magnifying glass and a handkerchief to catch my tears. Enjoy.