Emma Roberts Commando Tight Tank Top In Beverly Hills

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bill-swift - March 30, 2016

Emma Roberts is a cheeky little monkey. Sure, she may have beaten up her last boyfriend, but he probably deserved it. That's not a justification for any kind of domestic violence. Just saying, she runs about a buck ten in weight and she has no history of beating people up, so he must have felt her deserved the smack down at some level, and perhaps he earned his punishment. Well, that's controversial enough. Either way, I like a feisty hot woman. My buddy Dronos used to date a fiery red head who punched him hard on the regular, but he was madly in love with her and repeatedly mentioned how she brought the same ferocity to the bedroom. He never elaborated. He just seemed content.

Emma Roberts goes through periods when she's kind of frumpy and doesn't care, then periods when she's hot and she knows it so she goes out into the public in a tight tank top looking like a million damn form fitting dollars. Like her aunt Julia, she's never been one for prominent exhibitionism, or really any kind of obviously naughty public spectacle, so a braless tight top might be the terminal point of her outdoor visual displays. But it's nice, and so is Emma in the minxy sweet looking department with a pert pair of puppies front and center. I like where this is headed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash/PacificCoastNews

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