Emma Roberts Commando Tank Top and Short Shorts for Summer

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bill-swift - July 4, 2015

Nothing quite says, I'm single and ready to mingle, like a summer tank top with no bra and some tiny shorts showing off your legs. Maybe it says a few other things too. The headlights complete the picture. Emma Roberts is one eligible young lady.

We've never thought of Emma as an exhibitionist of the public variety before, but a breakup and being in your 20's and successful and sextastic certainly does encourage a bit of the look at me now, fellas, kind of self-confidence. And we are looking, Emma. Toned legs in short shorts. The presence of your sweet pokies pointing toward magnetic North. It's all working for me. I know you're probably looking for a fellow actor or perhaps a race car driver who also supports the arts and homeless puppies, but if you ever feel that little inkling for a pasty blogger without a 401(k), please, look me up. Just Google 'desperate' and try not to laugh at my haircut. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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