Emma Roberts Sheer Tops For Allure

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bill-swift - December 30, 2015

Emma Roberts is one of those withholders of the goodies until the time is right. I can respect that. I like to work a little bit in my own relationships before reaching the ultimate prize. A full second date if that's what it takes to prove to the girls whose name I can't yet quite remember that my feelings for her are as authentic as can be pretended. Emma is the same way. She's super demure until the occasional big moment when, blammo, there she is in a super sheer outfit showing off for Allure.

We've seen some of these photos before from the printed publication, but these behind the scenes shots give you a better glimpse into the reason Emma always makes my secret hotties list of favorites. Yeah, she punched her boyfriend in the face, but he deserved it. Also, she was in her underwear at the time, so I'd totally allow it, if not beg for it myself. Emma, you have so much to give and so many people waiting. Could you be, would you be, my naked neighbor? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Allure Magazine