Emma Roberts Giving a Little of the Ginger Sextastic

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bill-swift - April 11, 2017

Emma Roberts doesn't show off a ton. Which admittedly makes me cry at times. But when she does give a little skin to her ogling gentleman fans, it's always worth a peekaboo and how are you. Even if you must wade through women's fashion magazines often to find them. I do this so that you may not know the pain.

Emma's turn in Who What Wear presents a bevy of fantasy possibilities with the legit thespian and occasional temptress in her undies. The fun hot girlfriend kind. If only fun hot girlfriend would on occasion become naked even hotter reckless abandon girlfriend for one evening, we'd be sitting in the catbird seat. Obviously with our binoculars and sketch pads. We're all artists in our own way. Emma, you have much to offer and you're getting much warmer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Who What Wear