Emma Roberts Hot Spandex Workout Outfit

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michael-garcia - August 6, 2016

Scream Queens hottie Emma Roberts was seen in some tight Spandex workout clothes. Emma drives me nuts, in a good way. What a friggin' body this girl has. She's got a rack that makes other hooters look minuscule in comparison. You can see right through her sheer shirt at the pink sports bra underneath. I've been in love with those bad boys since I first saw them in American Horror Story. They are splendid. But the rest of her is also something real special. Her workout pants are so tight that you can really get an eyeful of her gorgeous legs and just a hint of camel toe. She's got thigh gap that you could drive a truck through. I don't think her thighs have ever met. I don't know who Emma is dating these days but he's one lucky bastard.

I wonder if I can join Emma's workout class. Not because I want to get in shape, though God knows I should, but because I'd like to see her bouncing up and down. 



Photo Credit: Splash