Emma Roberts Has Blossomed Into A Beautiful, Sextastic Butterfly

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bill-swift - February 22, 2011

I remember this one year in middle school when Joanna Two-Bits, this rather unusually awkward and mousy girl from school went away for the summer and the day she came back, the day before school started, it was rumored that she had blossomed over the long break into a beautiful swan. No more glasses. Braces off. Some development in the upper floors of her building. None of us boys could barely wait for school to start the next day to see the transformation. And, then, there she was, in my homeroom, like a butterfly, my eyes transfixed on her new found mini-hotness. She looked over and noticed me staring, smiled at me, and said, 'What the fuck are you looking at, loser.' And, so it goes.

Speaking of young Hollywood starlets who have recently taken root in the involuntary passion sections of brain, Emma Roberts has slowly but surely set her hotness phasers to stun, including these recent photos from some fashion party where she looked hotter than I can really ever remember. Wow. Emma Roberts is all grown up and I can't stop staring. I hope she's kind to me when she catches me ogling. Enjoy.