Emily Wickersham Blonde Toned Abs of Hotness Featured in Esquire Magazine

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bill-swift - November 25, 2014

NCIS hottie special agent or NSA agent or maybe member of the EPA carbon neutral task force, I can't say I watch the show, Emily Wickersham showed off her stellar toned abs and all over hotness for Esquire magazine. A quite simple shoot, but a sweet introduction to the American thespianic so few people know by name. Now you may know her by name and toned tummy, with washboard abs you could bounce a nickel off of, or, you know, something more personal if you're so lucky as to be her dance partner.

It's good to remember that below the tier of sextastic celebrity A-listers, there's several more layers of passion inducing lovelies in the movies, on television, singing, dancing, modeling, or just all of the above. Like Emily Wickersham. Oh, how I'd love to be her workout partner. Mostly the guy yelling give me ten more crunches. When women yell at me when I'm working out I'm prone to tears. I'm told it's very hard to watch. Enjoy.