Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Body Show Off, Because She Cares

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bill-swift - June 29, 2016

As you know, I'm perhaps the most ardent and might I say credible feminist on the planet. Nobody loves women more than I. You're welcome to compete. Even as the lovely bodied Emily Ratajkowski enters the social and political frays on equality issues, I would mention that I don't take her any less seriously simply because she continues to post wicked hot shots of her own sweet mammaries routinely on social media. In fact, it only makes me want to pay closer attention.

I don't see hypocrisy, I only see hot bodies. Hence, my ardent feminism. Emily has been blessed with the body of an angel and the mindset of a little devil. That seems about perfect. Once ogled in her self-published hot photos you realize just how perfect it is. If you look this ridiculously sextastic in a bikini, you are obligated by the grand social contract among the species to share your allure. Emily is a giver. I could listen to her all day. I mean, provided she's mostly undressed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Snapchat