Emily Ratajkowski Ridiculously Hot Body Sharing on Social Media

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bill-swift - January 5, 2017

While you were all opening presents and drinking cocktails and screaming your heads off because of some completely arbitrary calendar change, Emily Ratajkowski and her blessed hot body were busy on the digital byways and wifi-ways posting selfies and behind the scenes candids of her simply stellar body. So, you may have had New Year's better, but she did better. See where I'm headed with this? I have no clue.

Emily has hands down, then up, then down again, one of the most exceptional female forms in all of Tinsel Town. Sometimes tan, sometimes pale, sometimes dressed, sometimes much much better. The basic point is, she shares until she has nothing left to share. Well, something left to share but you're not getting that. She's grown up before our eyes, as we've grown up leering at her through our eyes. The woman gives back. Often in a bikini or braless and showing off. Really, what a woman. Enjoy.