Emily Ratajkowski Red Hotness For Dinner Honoring Ban Ki-moon

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michael-garcia - August 11, 2016

Sultry vixen Emily Ratajkowski brought her sideboob to a dinner honoring United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon. I'm sure the secretary general appreciated her trying to bring people together from all over the globe in ogling her globes. Emily didn't bother with the whole bra thing and her massive jugs were popping out all over the place. Not only was the cleavage spectacular but there was also sideboob the likes of which few have ever seen. This is partly to do with the fact that few people have witnessed jugs that can compare with Emily's. Her red dress was also incredibly short so her killer supermodel legs were sticking out at the bottom for all the world to see and admire. 

I wonder if Ban Ki-Moon ever saw Emily in the Blurred Lines video all topless and that's how she got an invite? Either way I'm sure she was the highlight of the party. 


Photo Credit: Splash