Emily Ratajkowski Plaid To The Bone

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earl-jonas - December 4, 2017

Emily Ratajkowski has been a very very plaid girl, as evident in these paptastic pics taken in a parking lot outside of a Los Angeles Lakers game. Ratajkowski could turn a landfill into Fashion Week, so it should come as no surprise that the international supermodeling sensation lights up the parking lot like it's her own personal runway. All the world's a stage, and Emily Ratajkowski has an amazing body and melonlicious breasties. I think that's how the saying goes.

There's something especially schoolgirl about this yellow plaid number - that would also be appropriate at a bougie WASP Easter brunch or on Cher from Clueless. And while we wait for Ratajkowski's next clevetastic moment - which is always about three minutes away - these pics are a great distraction. Do you have it plaid for Emily? Let us know in the comments.


Photo Credit: Splash News