Emily Ratajkowski Owns the Feminist Chick in Panties Space (VIDEO)

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Lex Jurgen - March 15, 2017

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Feminist salaries start out at zero and if you keep your nose to the patriarchal grindstone, in a few years you could also be making zero. That's no way to pay for your Prada bags and Meat Packing District retro loft. David Berkowitz shot somebody in the stairwell. That's an enhancement. You have two options and the one involving the sexy model taking up STEM isn't really viable.

There's no shame in having splendid tits. In a more perfect world, it's how we would pick our WNBA teams. The pity party of objectification seems to be self-hosted. If you cured sickle cell and all anybody wanted to talk about was how your ass must take like peach cobbler. That's a drag. When you're selling your ass, people have a right to Yelp review. It's a product. Don't complicate this. You can't win. Your line of work has no guaranteed contracts. There are no Jay Cutlers of panties modeling.


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